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    "It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in doing so you bring everything to the realm of possibility."

    ~ Albert Einstein

    Basic health is impacted on a continuing basis not only by our physical lifestyle choices, but also by how we choose to use the amazing asset of our mind - how  we think and what we think about - and how we choose to feel. 

    When it comes to lifestyle, health and health care, the holistic, natural, mind-body-spirit-connection approach with its focus and mind-set on wellness is an integral part of WellBeing. 

    Yet, most people are dismissive of and have a closed mind to this. They are indoctrinated, conditioned and entrenched in the usual and customary: medical care and pharmaceuticals with its focus and mind-set on illness and disease.

    Are you among the few who have the fortitude to break free of the illness and disease mind-set, to choose to learn, grow and evolve, to live in WellBeing and thrive?


    As author and speaker Wayne Dyer has written and said, "I've almost always listened to my own impulses, paying the price for taking the road 'least raveled' and resisting encluturation....". I wouldn't have had it and never will want it, any other way.



    David was born and raised on the South Coast of Massachusetts. For most of his life he has loved the ocean and beaches, and the outdoors in general. He was a vitalistic chiropractor for 30 years and has been a personal fitness trainer since 1996. Since age 23 he has shunned traditional medical care/treatment and pharmaceuticals, utilizing only natural and holistic forms of care.

    When first introduced to chiropractic as an undergraduate (Bridgewater State College, B.S.), David was drawn toward its simple professional principle of vertebral subluxation based, natural approach to health care that recognizes and works with the body's Innate Intelligence as an extension of an Infinite Intelligence, and, of living in WellBeing.

    He earned his D.C. degree from Life University, Marietta, Georgia, has been a licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989, earned national certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer from AFAA in 1996, and received certification as a Level I Reiki Practitioner from a Master Instructor in Salem, Massachusetts four years later.

    As a chiropractor, David has operated a general private practice in New Bedford, Massachusetts, had vitalistic wellness practices in Plymouth and Peabody, Massachusetts, and a house calls practice serving parts of New Bedford and Dartmouth. He has also worked as a staff chiropractor in a general practice in Boston.

    As a personal fitness trainer, David has worked at fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke, Massachusetts; for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Police Cadet Training Program, for athletic clubs in San Diego and Solana Beach, California, and as an on-site personal trainer to private clients on the South Coast and North and South Shores of Massachusetts.

    David chose to leave practice in both chiropractic and personal training for four years to assist his father in caretaking his mother who was stricken with Alzheimer's.

    Afterward, he became a personal trainer for the Newport County Rhode Island YMCA.

    Most recently, he has been a personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center since its opening in April of 2014. His hours for personal training at the HLC are limited while caretaking his father.

    He has also been consulting private clients in wellbeing for 25 years.

    With a growing feeling of ennui over the last several years from the tedium of only crisis care or pain relief care that most all patients insisted on, David chose to retire from active practice in chiropractic at year's end 2019.

  • “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

    ~ Albert Einstein



    What is called "health care" and "health care insurance" is actually "disease/illness/crisis/catastrophe care" and "medical care insurance", and, has primarily a body-only approach with disease and illness as its focus. True health care begins with self care (lifestyle) and has a body-mind-spirit approach with WellBeing and wellness as its focus.

    The current pay-to-play medical care insurance and system, which "allows" coverage based on income-economic levels (what a person can afford), dictates and controls what medical and pharmaceutical coverage a person may and may not be allowed to have, and what treatment/care it will and will not pay for, must be changed to a system where all types of treatment/care and modalities a person may choose to utilize for their health, are covered/paid-for. Such "all-inclusive health care coverage" with individual choice should be under a single "plan", a national health service, whether it be a hybrid public-private type or simply public.


    "National health care coverage" as described above is in most other G12 nations. It is not established in this country due to greed and control on the part of the medical care, insurance, and pharmaceutical corporations, and, the erroneous idea on the part of most people that this would result in dramatically increased income taxes. Quite frankly, every member of Congress and the Executive Branch has this form of health care while We The People are denied it! To expand into national health care coverage, the projected income tax increase according to a variety of "think tanks" would only be about 5% more than the amount equal to the sum total of a person's private health care insurance policy's stated premiums plus copays plus deductibles plus out-of-pocket expenses for noncovered services/items, plus their current federal income taxes.


    The chest thumping about how such "nationalized health care" is socialism is ridiculous as we already have many, many forms of socialism in this country: Medicaid, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare and the various states' derivatives, public schools, National and State Parks, the various government sponsored meal and food assistance programs, home heating fuel payment assistance programs, unemployment "insurance"/payments, rent subsidies, "golden parachute" retirement packages for government retirees at all levels, public assistance payments (monthly "welfare" payments), are some (but not all) forms of socialism in this country. This does not even include the various forms of corporate socialism that exists in the private sector. And those pandemic payments received were also a form of socialism, i.e., public assistance payments!


    As far as calling our medical care the best medical care in the world, surely most other people in the G12 countries would say the same thing about their health systems. There are also several deliberately ignored, unaddressed and rarely acknowledged serious issues and consequences of the current system in this country...

    An infant mortality rate 71 percent higher than other comparable countries (all with national health care systems).

    An estimated 200,000 deaths per year caused by medical treatments, procedures and prescription pharmaceuticals with an estimated 300,000 more deaths annually when including overdose from, addiction to, abuse of, and misuse of pharmaceuticals.

    A near total lack of focus and insurance coverage for mental health.

    The multitudes of people and families continually choosing between paying for basic living needs or paying for medical bills and medication.

    The 38 million citizens who remain uninsured because they cannot afford any form of medical care insurance, even ObamaCare subsidized plans, and do not qualify for any form of Medicaid.

    The great disparities in levels of care that are accessible based on socio-economic status.

    Medical care debt being the number one cause of personal bankruptcy. (Disease does not cause personal bankruptcy. Many people choose to successfully treat and overcome diseases with strictly holistic/natural treatments, avoiding all medical and pharmaceutical treatments, without having to declare personal bankruptcy; while many people who choose only medical and pharmaceutical treatments of the same diseases end up having to declare personal bankruptcy).

    ~ ~ ~


    For those who live a natural, holistic lifestyle, avoiding all form of pharmaceuticals, it would only be natural to choose to avoid any covid vaccine. But it is truly amazing how many enculturated, conditioned people there are living a usual and traditional lifestyle, who claim they "do not trust" the covid vaccines, yet on a daily and continuing basis, probably for decades if not years, these same people either smoke and/or gulp down 3, 4, 5 or more prescription pharmaceuticals, some twice each day, both of which have multiple types of harmful-to-health chemical ingredients with a long list of potentially health compromising effects causing any number of conditions.

    In addition, many of these people and others have chosen to increase their consumption of alcohol (over-use and abuse?) which has multiple harmful effects on the body and mind, and, dramatically suppresses the immune system, as does obesity, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle - the system most affected by the covid virus!


    ~ ~ ~


    The percentage of Americans ages 12 and up who are now overweight to obese has breached 62% and the number of people suffering from obesity/over-weight related chronic conditions and diseases has continually skyrocketed right into epidemic levels. As a result, we are seeing the consequences of this as our hospitals and health clinics become filled with people in health crises (covid connection??) from unhealthy lifestyle caused diseases and conditions.

    Is it that too impossible to change lifestyles to include the basics of healthy eating, daily exercise, adequate nightly sleep and meditation, and maintain that healthy lifestyle as a part of daily living for life? Or is the truth that there simply exists too much apathy about it, that people just do not care about their health...until they are in a health crisis? To help change this mind-set, understand that to continually and repeatedly engage in behaviors and actions - unhealthy eating, not exercising daily, lack of sleep and "restoration" (meditation) - which are knowingly proven to promote poor health and cause many chronic diseases/conditions, is insanity. Why repeatedly engage in insane behaviors, behaviors which inflict diseases and may well cause an early death?


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