"The human body has been designed with an Innate Intelligence that has a default mode of Well-Being.

    Well-Being is not merely the absence of disease, infirmity or pain, but an optimum state of physical, mental, spiritual function - being sound in body, mind and spirit; a condition in which someone is thriving.

    Innate Intelligence will maintain the body in Well-Being so long as the body's owner works with Innate Intelligence in doing the same.

    Willingly living an unhealthy lifestyle, waging a constant battle against your Innate Intelligence, knowing you're abusing your body and undermining your Well-Being which will cause illness and disease, is absurd, insane.

    Empower your Well-Being to experience living in higher quality and with greater quantity of life. Empower your evolution."


    ~ David Robinson DC












  • Personal Fitness Training for Private Clients

    Never Remote. Never Pre-Recorded. Never Virtual.

    Always On Location. Always In Person.


    Personal Fitness Training is available to private clients seeking to establish or change individual fitness programs and clients seeking to increase and enhance their level of conditioning/fitness.

    Personal Fitness Training sessions are 1 hour for one (1) person only.

    Consulting is also offered to active personal training private clients who wish to make individually tailored healthy lifestyle changes to enhance their Well-Being.

    Consulting sessions are 1 hour for one person only. Each client is limited to 2 sessions.


    David travels to your location (inside/outside home or outdoor location of your choice).

    Public health protocols (mask, gloves, distancing) are followed.

    Accepting new clients ages 16 to 70. Those age 60 and older who have never engaged in fitness (strength or cardio exercises) or not engaged in fitness for 10+ years are not considered for acceptance.

    Available appointments and client acceptance are limited.

    Travel radius is 12 miles from eastern Hawthorn Street New Bedford.

    The session fee is $140 per session.


    Private client personal fitness training and consulting sessions will resume 1 April 2021.

    One client will be accepted for available appointment times on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays morning for one hour from 10:00 - 11:00 am.


    Benefits of Personal Fitness Training & Exercise for Well Being

    Knowledge about a variety of exercises and their various techniques and how your body responds to each exercise technique.

    Expertise and Experience to ensure each session is Safe and Effective with Proper Technique, Form and Intensity.

    Motivation to get you to the point of Inspiration for daily exercise as a priority of your lifestyle.
    Accountability and Consistency to ensure the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.
    Individually Tailored work outs to get the best possible work out at each session.


    Science supports a clear relationship between moderate regular exercise training and lower illness risk, and, between a sedentary lifestyle and higher illness risk. Yet, the status quo is a sedentary lifestyle and deep apathy about it.

    The principle extrinsic factor in maintaining Well-Being, strengthening the immune system and maintaining a strong immune system, is regular exercise, both cardiovascular and strength exercises.

    Exercise is an immune system booster that improves immune defense activity against illness and enhances metabolic health as well, i.e., enhances Well-Being.

    Exercise training has various anti-inflammatory influences on the body through multiple pathways.

    Habitual exercise improves immune regulation and function delaying the onset of age-related dysfunction, as well as preventing obesity and lifestyle conditions and their related chronic diseases.

  • Following the path least traveled

    It didn't take long in practice for me to come to the realization that the majority of patients seeking chiropractic did so for a pay out from an auto accident case or personal injury case or only wanted pain relief. Their health wasn't a priority, wellness wasn't given a thought and well being - which I considered the epitome of wellness - wasn't even a figment of their imagination, while many people still held negative impressions or outright prejudice against chiropractic and chiropractors. And just three years into practice, a couple of personal injury attorneys I had dealt with even told me on separate occasions that I was "too honest" to be a chiropractor because I refused to engage in the chicanery expected in "processing" such cases.


    My desire was to help people toward well being. I had chosen chiropractic for a profession because of a passion for what its true and full objective and focus were*, while the vast majority of people seeking chiropractic couldn't give a damn about any of that. Add to that, some folks who were completely ignorant about chiropractic but scoffed at it in disdain - obviously purely out of indoctrination and social conditioning. Ignorant indeed. Add to that, many patients who did not want to pay any copayments or deductibles and wrangling with health care insurance companies over every little reason they could find to reduce or eliminate payment for services. It was all extremely frustrating and dispiriting for me.


    Now I understood why most chiropractors' practices were primarily about auto accident, personal injury cases and merely pain relief, and why those few chiropractors who were focused on wellness had practices which included "everything and the kitchen sink" so to speak - exercise rehab, weight loss plans, spa treatments, nutrition supplements, etc., etc. - which wasn't in any way for me either.


    So I transitioned into the type of practice I wanted, according to the true objective and focus of chiropractic: subluxation-based and wellness focused. I also made it a self-pay, declining involvement-with-insurance or with any auto accident or personal injury cases, or, any non-chiropractic treatment. The results were satisfying. Not a real "cash cow" at all, but I was happy dealing with at least some patients who had a focus and value for chiropractic as one way to enhance their well being.


    Over the years there was a growing ennui dealing with most patients who were "pain relief only, don't want wellness" types. But I was never willing to compromise, to change back to the "usual and customary" practice just for the legal tender, only to end up miserable again.


    Thirty years into practice, nothing much had changed. Most people's approach to and attitudes toward chiropractic were the same. Yet I had pushed on for this long dismissing potential new patients who indicated "auto accident", "personal injury", and dealing with a majority of patients who were "pain relief only don't want wellness" types.


    By this time I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my passion, respect and standards for practicing chiropractic according to its true, full objective and focus on well being, were all far too high for most people to deal with let alone try to accept. And as much as I knew that nothing would soon if ever change about the way the majority of people utilized chiropractic, how they thought of/about chiropractic in general, their apathy toward health, wellness and well being, and their refusal to evolve, I also understood that this was just the life path most people were on. The pharma-med cartel had done a marvelous job at conditioning and indoctrinating people into believing in their approach and that a lack of pain or symptoms meant "being healthy". But being brutally honest with myself about all of this, I had to admit that the ennui I felt had turned into deep irreverence for everything. At year's end I ceased active practice in chiropractic. Reflecting on it all, I wouldn't have done it any other way.



    * "Chiropractic is the science of locating, and removing interference with the transmission or expression of nerve force in the human body, by the correction of misalignments or subluxations of the bony articulations and adjacent structures, more especially those of the vertebra column and pelvis, for the purpose of restoring and maintaining health." - Massachusetts Acts, 1966, Chapter 409, Section 89.

    "Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. The purpose of chiropractic is to optimize health." - Assoc. of Chiropractic Colleges



    Innate Intelligence

    The human body and all advanced animal bodies for that matter, are miraculous machines fully capable of maintaining millions of functions automatically in order to maintain homeostasis aka Well-Being as a natural state via the Innate Intelligence within it, as long as this ability to do so is not interfered with. Even in very simple terms it is awe inspiring.


    The Endocrine (glandular) System is a chemical manufacturing system for regulating (turning on/off and increasing/decreasing), with built in checks and balances, every function of every other system.


    Its Digestive System acts like a food-processing and waste-treatment and elimination plant.


    The Cardio-Circulatory System acts in similar fashion to a water distribution system, except in the body what is distributed is blood. This system works in conjunction with the Digestive System, together working as a nutrient distribution system for the body, taking the digested nutrients from the Digestive System to the blood and brining those nutrients exactly where they are needed and in exactly the precise quantity. Any excess, un-needed amounts are excreted.


    The largest organ of all, the skin, acts as a cooling system for the body.


    The Pulmonary System, in conjunction with the Circulatory System, delivers oxygen and is also an exhaust system picking up carbon dioxide from all the organs and tissues and expelling it.


    Inside the body is also a complete EMS, the Immune System, which is capable of staving off negative intruders that will harm or sicken the body, fighting off infections and illnesses, and healing wounds.


    But the truly amazing system is the main-frame computer and communications network, the Nervous System, complete with sensory input and interpretation modalities of sight, sound and feel. The Nervous System works in conjunction with every other system using feedback, as each of the systems in the body needs the Nervous System to send and receive their signals concerning their function. This gives the body greater potential to maintain homeostasis and Well-Being.


    Through the Nervous System, each system knows at all times what the status of the other systems are, compensating for each and every little difference within nano-seconds thanks to the Nervous System. It is this type of communication between systems and every single cell that allows the body to maintain homeostasis and Well-Being. This type of constant communication between the systems and individual cells is termed Innate Intelligence. Innate Intelligence sends its communication and signals through the Nervous System both directly and indirectly.


    This gives us a fascinating appreciation of how incredible our body is. If we need to see an everyday miracle, we need only look to our own body. Those miracles happen inside us every nono-second of every day. And all of it happens automatically, directed by the body’s Innate Intelligence.



    Nationalized health care needed now

    "National health care" is in every other developed nation on this planet and the primary reasons it is not fully established in this country is greed of health care, pharmaceutical and insurance corporations and the strangle hold these two cartels - pharma-med and insurance - have on our legislators, as well as the clamor from the public who have the erroneous idea that "dramatically" increased income taxes would result.


    To expand our already-in-place hybrid socialized health care programs of Medicaid and Medicare as "national" plans, the projected income tax increase according to a variety of "think tanks" would only be an average 5% more than the amount equal to the sum total of an individual's health care insurance policy's stated premiums plus copays plus deductibles plus out-of-pocket expenses for noncovered services/items, plus current federal income taxes.


    At the very least, eliminating the extremely costly and crafty duplications of insurance coverages and thus our duplications of paying for the same type of coverage, is essential. Make auto insurance strictly coverage for damages to a vehicle no matter how sustained, eliminating coverage of medical payments, personal injury protection, and property damage. Make home owners insurance policies strictly for only damages to the dwelling and contents no matter how sustained. Make health care insurance policies strictly for all health care, illnesses and injuries no matter where or how sustained, eliminating workers compensation insurance and personal liability insurance outside of professional liability malpractice policies.


    Expanding Medicare's eligible age downward to a minimum sign up age of 50, while making Part B included as Part A coverage, and, expanding Medicaid's eligible income limit upward to $32,400 per individual (a gross income for a minimum wage earner working 40 hours per week) and $64,800 per family (a gross income for a couple both earning minimum wage and working 40 hours per week each), would dramatically reduced premiums and make affordable health care insurance more accessible to many people.


    Allowing any individual or family to purchase - based on a sliding scale of the individual or family annual income - either the Medicare health insurance program even if they are below the eligible age or the Medicaid health care insurance program even if their income is above the eligibility threshold would ensure added revenue support for both programs, further reduce the financial strain current health care insurance policies cause for middle income people, and streamline health care treatment and billing processes.


    For the non-thinking who rage about this being "socialism" or "socialist" in nature, wake up. Public schools, National Parks and Forests, Medicaid, various forms of government monetary assistance from rents to direct monthly payments, public libraries, public commons/greenways/etc., subsidized public transportation, and many other programs are all forms of socialism or socialist programs that are long and well established in this country.


    In large part, those mouthing off against even hybrid nationalization as put forth here, are not surprisingly the executives from insurance, health care and pharmaceutical corporations, those who are able to afford premium health care insurance policies and well able to afford any out of pocket non-covered expenses, and corporate, federal, state, county and municipal employees and retirees who have above average health care plans with a percentage of their premiums paid for by the corporation, federal, state, county, municipal government.


    But their unjustified chest thumping about how such nationalization would ruin the "best" health care in the world is done purely out of revenue/income/benefits protection, corporate revenue objectives, monopolistic agendas (see Wilk v. AMA as example), and some stealthy social conditioning and indoctrination.


    Much more importantly, great outrage should be had about the much too infrequently reported inequalities and severe shortcomings with our current system, which are major reasons for expanding our current two hybrid systems .


    An infant mortality rate 71 percent higher than other comparable countries (all with national health care systems).


    An estimated 200,000 deaths per year caused by medical treatments, procedures and prescription pharmaceuticals with an estimated 300,000 more deaths annually when including overdose from, addiction to, abuse of, and misuse of pharmaceuticals - and a system where a single family (Shacklers) can net $10B via a massive high pressure sales campaign for oxycontin resulting in many of these deaths, yet not even be considered to be charged with any felony whatsoever, while a street level pusher can get 7 to 10 years in prison for this same felony for pushing less than one-tenth of one percent of what the Shackler family pushed in sales of oxycontin.


    A near total lack of focus and insurance coverage for mental health.


    Multitudes of people and families continually choosing between paying for basic living needs or paying for medical bills, health care insurance premiums, and medication.


    Long standing, great disparities in levels of care that are accessible based on race and socio-economic status.


    Warehousing in long term care facilities just for profit and at an extreme expense to Medicaid, many elders and severely developmentally disabled who are not living but merely existing with little cognitive capacity, sitting in a wheelchair and sleeping all day except to eat, excrete in a diaper, and sleep at night, when they should be humanely and compassionately hospiced and euthanized.


    Over 27 million Americans, just over 12.5% of the population, remaining uninsured primarily due to affordability issues.


    And finally, medical debt being the number one cause of personal bankruptcy for nearly 550,000 families annually.


    All of this lends to the acute need for corrective surgery on a system that is inequitable on all fronts. It is high time the "life isn't fair" argument for these inequities of this current system were ended definitively once and for all by nationalization of our health care system - at the very least of Medicaid and Medicare - to include everyone across the board, meaning all corporate and government administrators, employees and retirees, and especially members of the federal Executive Branch and Congress, et. al.



    Values and priorities

    Besides the obvious unhealthy lifestyle and lifestyle-caused diseases crises in this country which are at epidemic levels, the more shocking epidemic is the apathy about this and even the dismissive attitude toward it from the majority of people.


    The apathy and dismissiveness have been around for decades, which is why the number of people stricken by lifestyle-caused diseases has reached epidemic levels. But this is no surprise. Placing unhealthy habits and behaviors as top priorities while dismissing all the health consequences that go with them, has been usual and customary among a majority of people. Valued most are all venues of entertainment and eating out, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, the newest style, the "bad ass" truck, care or SUV, image, and sports. While everything concerning good health and well being outside of basic pain relief is valued least and placed at the bottom of lifestyle priorities.


    These values and priorities are part of an entrenched lifestyle, a status quo to which most people desperately grasp onto, an addiction to an insidiously unhealthy lifestyle, and, the denial about its consequences, while preferring to remain mired in negative attitudes toward and prejudicial thinking against a healthy lifestyle with no desire to change that thinking, and, no desire to gain, maintain, and enhance well being.


    After decades of high stakes gambling with health and life, many people only decide to change when it's just far too late to make any real difference at all in their quality of life or their quantity of life and living.

  • A native of the South Coast of Massachusetts, when first learning about chiropractic as an undergrad (Bridgewater State College, B.S., Biology), David developed a passion for chiropractic's focus on well being and simple, natural approach to health care that recognizes and works with the body's Innate Intelligence.


    David earned his D.C. degree from Life University, School of Chiropractic, and has been licensed as a chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989.


    David's 30 years experience as a chiropractor include an initial general private practice in New Bedford; subluxation-based, wellness focused, self-pay practices in Plymouth, Peabody, and serving Dartmouth and parts of New Bedford doing house calls; working as a staff chiropractor in a general practice in Boston. He chose to leave formal practice mid 2005 and cease active practice at the end of 2019.


    Having been active in daily fitness for more than 15 years, in 1996 David earned national certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the Athletics & Fitness Assoc. of America, then of Sherman Oaks California, and four years later received certification as a Level I Reiki Practitioner from a Master Instructor in Salem Massachusetts.


    David has 24 years experience as a personal trainer, including as an independent contractor out of fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke, Massachusetts, for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s police cadet physical training program, at fitness clubs in San Diego and Solana Beach, California, at the Newport County (Rhode Island) YMCA, and for private clients for in-home and on-site personal training. He has been a personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center since its opening in April 2014.