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    Lifestyle Counseling

    for Well-Being

    Tired of being bloated, overweight, not having any energy? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Think colds and flu every year are the "normal"? Tired of relying on drugs, rubs, pills, potions and lotions just to reduce symptoms, just to "feel better"?? How many weight loss plans, programs and pills have you attempted? Why just "weight loss" just to "look good"? Why not functioning at your optimum in well-being...on the inside too??

    For more than 30 years David has been consulting with patients and clients on lifestyle changes for well-being.

    Currently, he offers coaching/counseling on well-being for private clients, from health food buying, cooking and eating, to a daily basic exercise program tailored to you, to rest and recreation, to meditation and mindfulness.

    Client acceptance is very limited; ages 25 to 60 are considered; restrictions apply.

    The fee is $140 per one hour session.

    If interested, leave a voice message for David with your full name and contact telephone number at 508-542-7335; allow 24 hours for a response.

  • When first learning about chiropractic as an undergraduate (Bridgewater State College, B.S., Biology, 1982), David developed a passion for chiropractic's focus on well being and simple, natural approach to health care that recognizes and works with the body's Innate Intelligence. He earned his D.C. degree in 1988 from Life University, Marietta, Georgia and has been a licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989.

    David initially had a general practice in New Bedford for six years.

    In 1996, having been active in daily fitness for more than 13 years, David earned national certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the Athletics & Fitness Association of America, relocated his chiropractic practice to Plymouth, established it as subluxation based, wellness focused and self-pay, and began personal training at fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke and with the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Council's Police Cadet Physical Training Program.

    David then accepted an opportunity to work as a fitness trainer at athletic clubs in Solana Beach and San Diego, California.

    He later partnered in a practice in Peabody and worked as a staff chiropractor in a Boston practice.

    In 2000 he received certification as a Level I Reiki Practitioner from a Master Instructor in Salem.

    David chose to leave practice in both chiropractic and fitness training in 2005 for four years to assist his father in caretaking his mother stricken with Alzheimer's.

    Following this, he began personal training at the Newport County (Rhode Island) YMCA and on-site for private clients as well as establishing a subluxation based, wellness focused, self-pay, house calls practice serving parts of New Bedford and Dartmouth.

    David has been a personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center since its opening in April of 2014. In 2018 he began personal training part time while caretaking his father who has mild dementia.

    He retired from practicing chiropractic at year's end 2019 and from private client fitness training in late 2020.

    David continues to do private lifestyle counseling for well-being on a limited basis.