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    With a passion for motivating people to dismiss the limitations they impose on themselves, to reach above mere "back to normal" and "better", and become inspired to experience and live in greater functional and physical ability and experience life long benefits by including not only physical conditioning and lifestyle choices but also by using the amazing asset of the mind.         


    Post Injury Therapy/Rehab ReConditioning offers exercises geared to retrain and enhance your body's physical conditioning and your ability to perform work activities and activities of daily living as well as any fitness routines you may have engaged in, while reducing the risk of injury or re-injury. Session are 30 or 60 minutes as per client capability. Stroke and cardiac patients are not accepted.

    Pre-Surgery Muscle Strengthening offers exercises geared to increase strength and flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments before surgeries for joint replacements and other orthopedic corrections, in order to help you, after surgery and during any rehab therapy, return to your "normal" ability to perform work activities and activities of daily living as well as  any fitness routines you may have engaged in.

    Periodic Fitness ReProgramming offers a periodic (3 - 6 months on average) session(s) (typically 1 to 3 sessions) for changing your fitness routine, tailored to your needs, in order to maintain or enhance the benefits of fitness that you seek.

     Fitness/Exercise & WellBeing Consulting is a 1 hour to 90 minute consultion which gives you a comprehensive all-inclusive approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Learn about any or all of the following: exercise of all types and which is best suited for you, eating-to-live vs living-to-eat, food as fuel & "medicine", mindfulness, meditation, the healing benefits of spending time in Nature, and natural forms of preventive self healthcare. 

    Traditional Fitness Training for private clients on a regular and continuing basis for strength, conditioning and flexibility is always offered when openings are available. Standard sessions run 1 hour;  30 minute "power sessions" are availble. 


    Fitness ReProgramming, Pre-Surgery Muscle Strengthening and Private Fitness Training sessions can be held at Buttonwood Park New Bedford or other outdoor site of your choice April through November, or, on-site at your home year-round (serving Padanaram, the eastern sides of South Dartmouth and North Dartmouth, and neighborhoods within immediate proximity of Hawthorn St. New Bedford). Post Injury Therapy/Rehab ReConditioning and WellBeing Consulting sessions are typically held on-site at the client's location.

    Sessions run one (1) hour unless indicated otherwise above and are for one client at a time only, using primarily your body for exercises.

    Leave a voice message with your full name at 508-542-7335. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. 


    David earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Bridgewater State College, his D.C. degree from Life University, Marietta, Georgia, and has been a licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989. He has been nationally certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer from AFAA (AFAA/NASM) since 1996, and received certification as a Level I Reiki Practitioner from a Master Instructor in Salem, Massachusetts in 2000. 

    During his 30 years as a chiropractor, David ran a general private practice in New Bedford, Massachusetts; wellness practices in Plymouth and Peabody, Massachusetts; worked as a staff chiropractor in a general practice in Boston; and ran a house calls practice serving parts of the southwestern area of South Coast Massachusetts. David chose to retire from active practice in chiropractic at year's end 2019. 

    Active as a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years David has trained clients at fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke, Massachusetts; worked as a fitness trainer for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Police Cadet Training Program, at athletic clubs in San Diego and Solana Beach, California, for the Newport County Rhode Island YMCA, and operated as an on-site personal trainer to private clients on the South Coast and North and South Shores of Massachusetts. He has been a personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center since its opening in April of 2014. Currently, his schedule at the HLC is full. 


    David was born and raised on the South Coast of Massachusetts. For most of his life he has loved activities on the ocean and beaches, and in the outdoors in general. For nearly 40 years he has utilized primarily natural and holistic forms of health care, with a daily schedule of healthy eating, plenty of filtered water, 20 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of cardio or strength exercise, and a daily 40 minute outdoor walk.


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