Well-Being is not merely the absence of disease, infirmity or pain, but an optimum state of physical, mental, spiritual and social function; a condition in which someone is thriving; being sound in body, mind and spirit.


    The human body has been designed with an Innate Intelligence that has a default mode of Well-Being. Innate Intelligence will maintain the body in Well-Being so long as the body's owner works with Innate Intelligence in doing the same. Why wage a war against your own Innate Intelligence by living an unhealthy lifestyle abusing your own health and body, undermining your Well-Being, and actually promoting illness and disease? Empower your evolution. Empower your Well-Being to experience living in higher quality and with greater quantity of life.











  • Personal Fitness Training for Private Clients

    Never Remote. Never Pre-Recorded. Never Virtual.

    On Location. In Person.


    Personal Fitness Training is available to private clients seeking to establish or change individual fitness programs and clients seeking to increase and enhance their level of conditioning/fitness.

    Personal Fitness Training sessions are 1 hour for one (1) person only.


    Consulting is also offered to private clients who wish to make individually tailored healthy lifestyle changes to enhance their Well-Being.

    Consulting sessions are 1 hour for one person only. Each client is limited to 2 sessions.


    David travels to your location.

    Public health protocols (mask, gloves, distancing) are followed.

    Client acceptance is very limited.

    The session fee is $120 per session.

    Travel beyond 12 miles from Hawthorn Street New Bedford requires a travel fee which is determined by additional miles traveled.

    As of 18 October 2020 all available appointment times are filled. Openings will be announced on this website as they become available.


    Benefits of Personal Fitness Training

    1. Motivation and Inspiration to get you to the point where daily exercise becomes a part of your life.
    2. Keeping you Accountable and Consistent which will lead you to impressive results.
    3. Expertise and Support to help you meet your goals.
    4. Choosing the right Intensity for you during each work out.
    5. Workouts Individually Tailored to you, allowing you to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.
    6. Ensuring that your workout is Safe and Effective though proper form and technique, and monitoring how your body responds to your workout routine.
    7. Gain Knowledge becoming familiar with a variety of exercises and the techniques to use on your own.



    The Benefits of Exercise for Well-Being

    Science supports a clear relationship between moderate regular exercise training and lower illness risk, and, between a sedentary lifestyle and higher illness risk. Yet, the status quo is a sedentary lifestyle and deep apathy about it.

    The principle extrinsic factor in maintaining Well-Being, strengthening the immune system and maintaining a strong immune system, is regular exercise, both cardiovascular and strength exercises.

    Exercise is an immune system booster that improves immune defense activity against illness and enhances metabolic health as well, i.e., enhances Well-Being.

    Exercise training has various anti-inflammatory influences on the body through multiple pathways.

    Habitual exercise improves immune regulation and function delaying the onset of age-related dysfunction, as well as preventing obesity and lifestyle conditions and their related chronic diseases.

  • A native of the South Coast of Massachusetts, when first learning about chiropractic as an undergrad (Bridgewater State College, B.S., Biology), David developed a passion for chiropractic's focus on well being and simple, natural approach to health care that recognizes and works with the body's innate intelligence.


    David earned his D.C. degree from Life University, School of Chiropractic, and has been licensed as a chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989.


    David's 30 years experience as a chiropractor include an initial general private practice in New Bedford, strictly subluxation-based, wellness focused and self-pay practices in Plymouth and Peabody Massachusetts and a house calls practice serving parts of New Bedford and Dartmouth Massachusetts, and working as a staff chiropractor in a general practice in Boston. He chose to leave formal practice at the end of 2019.


    While in practice, David received certification as a Level I Reiki Practitioner from Master Instructor Donna Carr of Salem Massachusetts, and, having been active in daily fitness for more than 15 years, earned national certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer through the Athletics & Fitness Assoc. of America, then of Sherman Oaks California.


    David has more than 23 years experience as a personal trainer, including as an independent contractor out of fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke, Massachusetts, for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s police cadet physical training program, at fitness clubs in San Diego and Solana Beach, California, at the Newport County (Rhode Island) YMCA, and for private clients for in-home and on-site personal training. He has been a personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center since its opening in April 2014. As of 11 November 2020, a 30 minute session is open on WED's at 12 noon.

  • Lifestyles

    The percentage of Americans ages 12 and up who are now overweight to obese has reached 70%, and the number of people suffering from obesity/over-weight related chronic conditions and diseases has continually skyrocketed right into epidemic levels. This is despite all the extravagant claims made by all the weight loss and diet potions, shakes, pills, programs and plans that have been on the market for decades. As a result, we are seeing the consequences of this as our hospitals and health clinics become filled with people in health crises from unhealthy lifestyle caused diseases and conditions.


    It can't be this too impossible (i.e., excuses, justifications, rationalizations, and dismissiveness) for most people to change their lifestyles to include healthy eating, daily exercise, adequate nightly sleep and meditation, and maintain that healthy lifestyle as a part of daily living for life. And it really isn't. The real problem is that most people are apathetic about their poor lifestyle resulting in poor health and lifestyle-caused diseases and conditions; they expect this, consider it status quo, acceptable.


    To continually and repeatedly engage in behaviors and actions - unhealthy eating, using weight/diet plans/programs/pills/shakes/etc., not exercising daily, lack of sleep, not meditating - which are knowingly proven to promote poor health and many chronic diseases/conditions, is crazy. Why engage is crazy behavior, long term, daily, self-inflicted abuse of one's own body-mind-spirit causing chronic disease/conditions and perhaps an early death? Ultimately, it is simply where people are on the path of their life. Let's just hope that they'll somehow become enlightened and empowered to choose a higher, healthier life path.


    National Health Care

    Ironically, "national health care" is a "four letter word" in this country, despite the fact that we already have two similar systems in place: Medicare, Medicaid. Also realize that "national health care" is in every other developed nation on this planet and the primary reasons it is not fully established in this country is greed on the part of health care, insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, and the erroneous idea of "dramatically" increased income taxes on the part of most of the public.

    If one calculates the dollar amount of private policy stated premiums + copays + deductibles + out-of-pocket-noncovered expenses + current federal and state income taxes, and compares it to a projected income tax increase for expanding our already-in-place hybrid "national", socialized health care programs of Medicaid and Medicare as "national" plans, that projected income tax increase would be about 5% more than the amount equal to private policy premiums + copays + deductibles + out-of-pocket-noncovered expenses + current federal and state income taxes, according to a variety of "think tanks".


    Eliminating the costly and crafty duplications of insurance coverages and thus our duplications of paying for the same type of coverage, is essential. Make auto insurance strictly coverage for damages to a vehicle no matter how sustained, eliminating coverage of medical payments, personal injury protection, and property damage. Make home owners insurance policies strictly for only damages to the dwelling and contents no matter how sustained. Make health care insurance policies strictly for all health care, illnesses and injuries no matter where or how sustained, eliminating workers compensation insurance and personal liability insurance outside of professional liability malpractice policies.

    Expanding Medicare's eligible age downward to a minimum sign up age of 50, while making Part B included as Part A coverage, and, expanding Medicaid's eligible income limit upward to $32,400 per individual (a gross income for a minimum wage earner working 40 hours per week) and $64,800 per family (a gross income for a couple both earning minimum wage and working 40 hours per week each), would dramatically reduced premiums and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for millions of people, and dramatically if not outright eliminate the number one cause of personal bankruptcy being medical bills/debt and the number of people and families that must choose on a regular basis between paying for basic living needs or paying for health care insurance premiums, medical and medication costs.


    Further, allowing any individual or family to purchase - based on a sliding scale of the individual or family annual income - either the Medicare health insurance program even if they are below the eligible age or the Medicaid health care insurance program even if their income is above the eligibility threshold would ensure added revenue support for both programs and further reduce the financial strain current health care insurance policies cause for middle income people. And it would streamline health care treatment and billing processes.


    When there is chest thumping about how such nationalization would "ruin" the "'best' health care in the world" (an opinion at best and done out of social conditioning and indoctrination), an infant mortality rate 71 percent higher than other comparable countries (all with national health care systems), deaths caused by medical treatments, procedures and pharmaceuticals estimated at 200,000 per year and estimated at 300,000 plus annually when adding the number of deaths due to overdose from, addiction to, abuse of, and misuse of pharmaceuticals, near total lack of focus and insurance coverage for mental health, multitudes of people and families who must continually choose between paying for basic living needs or paying for medical bills and medication, great disparities in levels of care that are accessible based on socio-economic status (which has existed since the system has been in place), and medical debt as the number one cause of personal bankruptcy, then the health and socio-economic prognosis for millions of people due to these consequences of this current system is grave. And it has been grave for far too long.