There seems to be a rather entrenched apathy, even a determined insistence, about being in a status quo lifestyle, especially in the South Coast, particularly in New Bedford and its neighboring communities. A sedentary, “eat, drink and be merry” lifestyle and attitude, that has little regard for healthy living.

Status quo doesn't care about understanding the positive effects on the body, mind and spirit that daily exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness/meditation, and, utilizing practices such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage, have by eliminating/reducing stress, body fat, and, increasing healthy hormones, cardiovascular health, positive mental attitude, and enhancing general health.

Status quo dismisses with various excuses, and “humor-izes” - a nice socially correct way to belittle - prioritizing and valuing daily exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness/meditation. Yet, status quo places a spending and time priority on regular dining out, take-out meals, fast food, comfort food, all venues of entertainment, and maybe even regular use of alcohol, tobacco, CBD and marijuana.

After living a sedentary life for decades, status quo will attempt to initiate an exercise program much later in life only as an "aspirin" or magic wand for pain that has developed and become recurring or chronic.

Status quo is only caring about "weight loss" and how they look physically, trying every newest, "best", "fastest" "weight loss" program, plan, potion, or pill over many years, yet dismissing or being apathetic about or too lazy to engage in daily exercise. Absurd.

If all these "weight loss" diets, programs, potions, pills and plans that have been marketed over decades worked so well, why is the majority of the population still overweight to obese and why are lifestyle-caused conditions and diseases reaching epidemic proportions?

Diets do Diddly. "Weight Loss" is Woo-Woo. Exercise. Movement Matters. Do it daily and your life changes for life. You evolve. You look well. You feel well. You live in Health and WellBeing.

But to be fair, status quo can also be “on the fringes”, exercising daily, eating semi-healthy, doing daily meditation. But then that bugbear of daily over-use of alcohol and/or pot consumption comes into play, washing away all the other healthy effects from living, well, kinda, sorta “healthy”, a little.

Status quo equates being pain free and pain relief with "healthy". Surprise! Most cancers, ALS, Parkinson's and a host of other diseases and conditions can fester in the body for months without any pain or symptoms.

Status quo prefers remaining entrenched in a limited approach to and prejudicial thinking about lifestyle, health, health care, with no desire to change that approach or thinking.

Status quo thinks they are "healthy" because of their daily medications. Surprise again! Why don't they stop taking those medications for a week or two? What would happen to them and why would it happen? So, are they truly healthy?

Status quo has no desire to gain, maintain, and enhance wellbeing through daily exercise, healthy eating, meditation/mindfulness, claiming that their lifestyle doesn’t affect anyone else. Surprise one more time! This is not what they experts crunching numbers for health care fees and health care insurance premiums for any particular region claim.

Status quo means having to worry about a health crisis striking and becoming afflicted with any number of the lifestyle-caused diseases. You know the ones which are rather debilitating, affect mobility, motion, and health status in myriads of negative ways.

But that’s ok, because status quo tends to look upon treating these ailments as something to do on a regular basis, and as badges of prestige. You can hear them boast about their ailments, treatments and conditions in a rather pompous way, as if they were trademarks of some sort of higher order of living a life of sloth and gluttony.

Status quo. Ah yes! What a life! You start to get a little older and start to get stricken with lifestyle-caused diseases and conditions, and begin to wish you hadn’t been so status quo all those years when you were younger.

Yea, being status quo sucks.

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