To go on, day after day, week after week, month after month, not giving a tinker's damn about one's health or about how unhealthy one lives.

To laugh, snicker and sneer at healthy living as if it were a joke.

To have the audacity to think, to believe, that should one, in all their unhealthy ways for years, become stricken with one or more lifestyle-caused diseases, in a health crisis, a life-or-death situation, that health care practitioners are obligated to do everything they can to save the pathetic patient from death. A crisis or crises, brought on by themselves, by unhealthy living, by the apathy they have had for their own health for years with little to no concern about their own health until the health crisis strikes.

And now, when their body is at its final limit for tolerating the long term abuse they have put it through, they fully expect (!), fully have an entitlement attitude, albeit a panicked one, that it is the health care professionals' jobs to save them. Just who the hell do they think they are? They ignored, laughed, snickered, sneered at healthy living as if it were a joke, for years. But now, because they are in a health crisis with a lifestyle-caused disease that they have brought upon themselves, they expect, demand, feel entitled, that health care professionals are obligated save them because their body is failing from years of self-inflicted abuse, years of apathy toward their own health and disdain toward healthy living.

The outrageous act of utter stupidity and apathy, is that when (perhaps, if) many people make it out of a lifestyle-caused disease and health crisis (crises) and they're back to as near normal as they can ever be, they go right back to the same unhealthy lifestyle which cause the health crisis to begin with, and justify this because they now have some new medications that they claim "will keep me healthy"! This is an active example of the definition of "insane", and an active example of the definition of "absurd". It is also the epitome of arrogant stupidity, arrogant apathy and arrogant entitlement. These folks - the ones who refuse to change their ways after such lifestyle-caused disease crises, who post-crises continue on with the same unhealthy ways, who most likely still hold fast to that arrogant disdain, apathy and entitlement - are not worth all the extraordinary efforts put forth by medical professionals to get them out of their crises. That effort and time is better spent on people anxious to change to healthier living.

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